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Overpowered Class in Allods

Damage Output : Allods Online Warrior of the SAME level can hit someone wearing leather, cloth, or even plate for a damage output of 2k-4k with NORMAL hits. A mages normal hit is 1k using a 1.5s cast ..


Allods Online Unveiled Astral Space

Allods Online is the upcoming free-to-play AAA MMORPG developed by Nival Online, the makers of Heroes of MightMagic V, and published by Gala Networks Europe on the gPotato.eu Portal. The gPotato Team ..


Sep tasks of allods online

allods gold is more and more popular, and there are a lot of players come here to play the game. So I think this is good for the new players to tell them 1 to 6 sep tasks in the game. Now I will tell ..



Have you ever played soccer in a MMORPG? Well in allods gold, you can! Known as Goblinoball, players can travel to the disputed allod known as CompetitionIsland and make their way to the Goblinoball A..


Allods Online Client description

allods gold is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game, set in the fantasy space opera universe of Sarnaut.It is the fourth opus of the Rage of Mages series which started in the mid-90s, conq..