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Blade & Soul PC Project is Canceled

NCsoft announced today that they will stop the development project of Blade and Soul on PC and that their focus will instead shift to the Smartphone version of Blade and Soul which has never been seen..


B&S for iPhone Comes True

NCsoft joked that they stopped developing Blade and Soul?for PC and?will develop it for iOS. And surprisingly it eventually comes true.NCsoft has recently recruited developers for Blade Soul Gold whic..


Blade and Soul Feature

Players might be familiar with such martial arts terms as palm wind, internal skill (neigong) and flying skill (qinggong) which are all available in Blade Soul. In Blade Soul Gold players will have a..


About the blade and soul some question

How to had the enough blade and soul gold in the game?I think this question is all players worried about, in the game the blade soul gold is very important, so if you worried about in the game you do ..


How to buy enough blade soul gold

blade soul gold. I think the fastest way to get blade soul gold is buying blade soul gold from online sites. Finding out where you can buy blade soul gold is easy enough these days. Buying blade soul ..