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B&S for iPhone Comes True

NCsoft joked that they stopped developing Blade and Soul?for PC and?will develop it for iOS. And surprisingly it eventually comes true.

NCsoft has recently recruited developers for Blade Soul Gold which is a spin-off game based on iOS. According to NCsoft’s notice, they are looking for server programmer, client programmer, and 3D lead artist who is experienced with Unreal engine 3 and?in developing iOS ?game although it is a iPhone/iPad game. So the game might be a?multi play?based online game.

It seems mobile version of Blade Soul Gold was able to come true as Epic Games’ Infinity Blade introduced amazing 3D graphic on iOS.

Epic Games also has said at E3 2010, “Such games as Blade & Soul can be developed if Unreal engine for iOS is completed.”

“Our all games are being developed for their various possibility. The recruitment is just for trial projects. No one knows if the project really goes on or any product derives from it. So the recruitment for Blade & Soul Expansion is the same as well,” said NCsoft.

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