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Cloud Nine Online Review: Strong Rendition as Holic2 Part 1

C9 Online is a 3D anime type MMORPG, visually similar to games like Rose Online and Fly for Fun. For those of you who dont know, this game is actually an upgraded version of Holic Online, which served..


Action C9 Classes Details Review

Continent Of The Ninth (C9 Online) was originally a Korean MMORPG published by Hangame developed by Studio Cloud 9. C9 was made For those guys who loves to do more things than click the enemy and spa..


C9 Living skills: Textile crafting

C9 Online Required materials:The advantage of Textile Technology is concentrated in relatively few materials needed. The lowest-level fiber, low-level fiber C9 Gold and low-level leather pieces. Lower..


Guides for C9 beginners part three

There will be different skills in each instance with much blood. The instance under the master stage will have a blood bar for players. When facing the BOSS, players should exert their skills trained ..


Cheap C9 Gold

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