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Digimon Master's Online Open Beta

Well Digimon Masters Online is having its open beta test begin, just a few days from now. I have been a fan of Digimon (Digimon Masters Online)since the first TV series came out in america, when I was..


Digimon Battle Online is Coming

Kotaku reported that WeMade Entertainment is going to bring Digimon Masters Online, an online virtual world where players battle their monsters. Judging by the date on the trailer below, it may likely..


Digimon Battle OPEN BETA Registration Available Now

WeMade Entertainment today announced plans to launch the first-ever online Digimon game, Digimon Battle. The massively multiplayer online game will bring the original animated TV Series, Seasons 1 - 4..


The English Version of Digimon Masters Online Announced

Digimon fans may still remember that Wemade(now has merged with Joymax) announced to bring a localized version of Digimon Masters Online to western market but then delayed it to some day. However, the..


Digimon Masters Prepares for Open Beta

Joymax announced today that it will unleash the official Open Beta Test for Digimon Masters Online Tuesday, September 27th. Leap once more into the fantastic universe where our world and the Digital W..