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Divine Souls – Just A Closed Beta Review

Welcome to the world of Divine Souls. It is a not-so-corky steampunk world where everything revolves around the Divine Matter. It is a substance discovered by Dr. Charles Burke that was supposed to ma..


New Priest Class Now Available in Divine Souls

Outspark has added a new Priest class character to its free-to-play action MMO Divine Souls. A dashing and debonair man of mystery with a sharp wit, the priest adds new depth to the games character ca..


Action-Packed MMO Divine Souls Launches

Outspark officially launches the console-quality action MMO Divine Souls. Now you can download the game here on the official site. Before the live of the game servers, Divine Souls cash shop has been ..


Divine Souls Hands-On

If you took a game like Devil May Cry or God of War and hurled it hard at a bucket of internet, theres a solid chance that the end result would be Outsparks Divine Souls. Divine Souls hails from the l..


Divine Souls: Kick Ass Priests Unite

Divine Souls is Outsparks 3D Action MMO. The game is set in a world where Divine Matter was discovered and used to help humanity surpassed their limitations. However, with great power comes great resp..