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Mage uses magical skills to attack

Mage uses magical skills to attack and usually don?t do much physical damage. Mage?s normal skills are noy very strong in this game but they have the most powerful XP Skill. A mage will depend on thei..


Eudemons Online New Expansion Vampire Skills Screenshots

The fascinating MMORPG Eudemons Online will release its new expansion, Edge of Night! The long-expected Vampire class is almost here, bringing new pets, new weapons, and a new Sacrifice system, and al..


Leveling guide of Eudemons

The following guide will help you play Eudemons well.If you are going to level in this game you can read the details below .Eudemons Online Gold is used to upgrade for a newbie, which is normal behavi..


About the Eudemons some question

How to had the enough Eudemons eps in the game? I think this question is all players worried about, in the game the Eudemons online eps is very important, so if you worried about in the game you do no..


The way to earn money in the Eudemons Online

Eudemons Gold for players is very important, everyone is careful planning. I personally believe that we have to be money, but we must make profits. Because in the game some of the equipment is essenti..