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Last Chaos: Golem's Cave Introduction

The original rulers of the old Strayana before destruction were the gifted alchemists who employed magical energy of lifeless objects like stones to create last chaos gold. At first the Golems were obedient and carried out their daily duties to serve the Shadows and guard the entrance of the cave. But they will become uncontrollable once their owners die. If the Golems appear to be useless, the owners have to carry on the ceremony to return the Golems to where it came from.
However, the story for Golem's Cave in Strayana is a different one, as Shadows influenced by mysterious energy of the region lost their minds. They killed all those who pass by the cave. Worsestill, the last chaos gold have been coming down to the towns and steaing from the kind merchants.
Word came that it is not the sorrow of losing their owner, but other stronger power takes control of these last chaos gold.

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