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Phoenix Upgrade System Guide

The Phoenix Upgrade system is an alternate advancement system that allows players who have passed level 100 to experience a unique new way of leveling up a character. 

Once you have a character that is level 100+, you can create a new character (empty slot is required). This new character will then need to acquire an item called the Phoenix Ticket.

The Phoenix Club ticket can only be acquired in the new dungeons in Strayana. Once you have obtained the Phoenix Ticket, you will need to place it into your warehouse. Start a new character (this character will be your Phoenix character!), grab the ticket and go see and last chaos gold talk to the NPC called the Phoenix Club Master in Randol.

The Phoenix Club Master will give the player the choice if they want to register their new character as a Phoenix Character. If the player has met all the requirements, the player's new character is upgraded as a Phoenix Character with its own perks.

Phoenix Upgrade Requirements:

1) An existing character that is Level 100 or above.

2) A empty slot to create a new character

3) Phoenix Ticket in the new character's inventory. (These can be placed in the warehouse for your Phoenix character to pick up)

Note: The phoenix character must be on the same server as your level 100  last chaos gold character

Phoenix Character Enhancements:

A) New Character automatically levels up to 35

B) An extra 30 Stat Points

C) An extra 4000 Skill Points

D) New Armor including a visible Phoenix Helm

E) An exclusive Phoenix Buff:
Blessing of Phoenix - This buff gives a 5% increase for Physical Attack  last chaos gold Power, Physical Defense Power, and Magical Attack Power. This buff stays until the character has leveled to 100.

F) An Exclusive Resurrection of Phoenix item: This item allows a player to pick two resurrection points. A player can use this as many times, though this buff has a 5 minute cool down time.

Note: This item no longer works after level 100

G) Phoenix Armor

The Phoenix armor is a level 50 armor set that their phoenix character can wear. One of the most obvious changes is the flame designs on the gear.

Each character has their own unique armor set. The only thing they have in common is a Phoenix Helm that is visible on the characters. This helm can be melded with any helm in the game as it doesn't have any unique abilities besides giving the character fiery head.

Note: Phoenix characters start at level 35. Armor is level 50!

H) A unique pet coloring pill: The phoenix Character starts with a single pet coloring pill that will put a brand new  last chaos gold pattern on your pets!

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