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Sins Guidings in Last Chaos

Dear guys, happy to meet you in Last Chaos!

We collect some useful Sins Guidings in the game and I got it from other websites, hope it could help you. Would you like to buy last chaos gold ? If so, please come here and our website will never let you down. Just feel free to contact us at any time.

This is the worst things of all. Both can do the same thing in same time, so the passives or attack skills(last chaos gold) will make a difference if one of em ain't maxed. Again, you need to have better daggs and armor if you want to kill the other sins. Normally it's a long fight, because both expect what the other will do. It's very random for the ending ! It make funny fights as well! If you wanna learn how to pvp, get a friend assassin and try to kill each other. You didn't find any "specials" trick to kill them, it totally depends how to other sins attack. If he tank or not, when to use DM, it's very random.

Note: You didn't add new skills for they are new, and last chaos gold you can have em only at a very high level. This guide is more for the lower levels. Hyde Step and Fatal blow combined with double strike will make your ennemie die pretty quickly, and if you can use deadshot, they are dead meat.

Ranger are deadly too in PvP, both class are good, and many people prefer the rangers. But you need to see the both sides of the medal. You made this guide to help players to know how the Assassin works. This is my knowledge and my opinions, and I'm open for suggestions, stuff to add and last chaos gold your opinions. Others don't tell you the sins are better, you just want players to know what they can do with their rogue. You are one of the strongest class, with the more evasion, and it's a class fun to play with. Therefore a good ranger will make a guide too, that way, new players will have all the informations needed!

Thanks for your reading and enjoy yourself.

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