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ATLUS Online Launched a New World - Barbatos for Pandora Saga

ATLUS Online this week launched a new second world, Barbatos, for Pandora Saga. In honor of the momentous occasion, a steady flow of new events, quests, and items will offer current players hours of entertainment, while at the same time offering those taking a break the perfect reason to jump back in.

A wealth of Barbatos-exclusive special events provide all sorts of rewards and new adventures for players: the "Double EXP" event (6/21-7/5) gives players a chance to get twice as much done in half the time; The "Protect a GM" weekend (6/25-6/26) challenges parties to try and slay opposing GMs in raucous PvP action; the beginner-friendly "Hide & Seek" events (6/21-6/23) helps newcomers find key locations, NPCs, and more. There are also a number of events and content additions that affect Astaroth, the existing world, including Zero-risk upgrades, the Astian Bounty Hunts, and a slew of new shop additions.

The new content and ongoing events demonstrate ATLUS Online's continued tradition of putting community first, maintaining a constant schedule of events and activities. Active adventurers, returning players, and newcomers to Pandora Saga Gold are all sure to find something new and exciting with the launch of Barbatos!


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