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MMOtography at Red Cliff

Ive was busy on my exploration in the virtual world of Ancient China during the period of the three kingdoms for a couple of weeks now. In short, spending my precious time in front of my computer duri..


Red Cliff Game System

This is true in the world of Red Cliff; a powerful weapon can increase the efficiency in killing your enemy. A beautifully designed weapon will also make it rare in this chaotic world.The road to fame..


Red Cliff Overview

Red Cliff is an Asian MMORPG based on the era prior to the Three Kingdoms period in Chinese History. With the Han Dynasty in steep decline, bandits and wild creatures roam the countryside. Brave heroe..


Some experience about Redcliff Gold

Red Cliff Gold is essential to buy equipment. Some people ask why has 25 bomb. This is affect of training Red Cliff Gold Cnext, I would talk about it. Finishing the task need goods, mix material Cbomb..


Red Cliff Features

Red Cliff is the pioneer in the 18 Weapons that became famous in the gaming history of China. Players can now choose to master one weapon and RedCliff Gold match with another secondary weapon to perfo..