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Tera: Holy Closed Beta Testers Fall in Quickly

Korea-based NHN announced they will enter the first closed beta of its anticipated title Tera no later, as well as the launch of Tera official website. Now the CB tester application is available on th..


Tera Guide for Trap

Tera Cobweb Trap IPower: 0.1.Cast Time: 1.8s.Cooldown: 20.0s.MP: 17Sets a intrinsic cobweb trap. Caught target decreases movement speed by 50% for 8s.Blackout Trap IPower: 1.0.Cast Time: 1.8s.Cooldown..


Details released regarding TERA Online's Political System

Enmasse just released details of the new political system in TERA Online. The lands of TERA are divided up into territories that elected players called Vanarchs can control. In order for a player to b..


The Magic Skills in Tera

Magic skills is increasing, but not fully open CBT3. The number of Tera was also small, placed in accordance with the perspective of fighting changes do not improve. Changes in accordance with the gro..



An interesting contest for the artistic community Tera Gold! We can talk in this thread.Here is the news of the contest translated, you can find the orignal are here.We are proud to announce our first..