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What Makes Wonderland Stand Out 1

Wonderland Online is always coming up with brand new updates and content for their cute game. They listen to the audiences and keep developing. Chloe gives us a little insight into their work and how ..


Clash of Champions Expansion Released Today

Theres a lot to look forward to in the new expansion, including a brand new server dedicated to the fine art of PvP, the new rebirth system and a bunch of new maps to explore. For the newer players ou..


Wonderland Online: New Maps Arrive with Version 6.0

Clash of Champions, the new version of IGGs Wonderland Online, has released. Among the many new additions are two new maps: Cornwall and Domremy. Heres a sneak peek at some of the legends surrounding ..


Wonderland Online review 3

Wonderland Online is simply astounding. You create things inside of your magic tent, which can expand to the size of a mansion if you work on it enough. There is no skill for manufacturing, you just h..